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According to a report by the Institute of Medicine, medical errors are responsible for at least 44,000 deaths each year in the United States and possibly as many as 98,000 each year. The following are among the more common forms of negligence or medical malpractice by physicians and health care providers in diagnosing and/or treating cervical cancer:
  • Failing to perform a screening breast examination or mammogram;
  • Failing to identify a cancerous mass in the breast during a routine breast examination;
  • Failing to properly interpret or follow up on the results of a screening mammogram
  • Failing to order or perform a biopsy when the physical examination of the breast and/or mammogram results are abnormal;
  • Misinterpreting or failing to follow up on biopsy results;
  • Failing to recommend appropriate treatment options; and
  • Failing to follow-up with the patient.
The above are only examples and are by no means intended to be an exhaustive list of acts of malpractice. If you suspect that your doctor or health care provider failed to detect and/or properly treat your breast cancer, you should contact a competent attorney immediately. Waiting May Bar Your Claim.

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